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Season 4


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Teresa Pecinovsky

Mother God

“You know God the Father, but God is your Mother too.”

This gorgeous picture book welcomes children into a fuller, more diverse understanding of what it means to be made in the image of God.

With lyrical, rhyming text and exquisite illustrations, Mother God introduces readers to a dozen images of God inspired by feminine descriptions from Scripture.

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Susannah Larry

Leaving Silence: Sexualized Violence, the Bible and Standing with Survivors

#MeToo. #ChurchToo. #GodToo?
What if survivors of sexualized violence experience the Bible as a powerful spiritual resource rather than an oppressive tool in the hands of those seeking to dismiss or justify abuse? Bible scholar Susannah Larry leads fellow survivors and those who care for them in a journey toward reclaiming the Bible amid the trauma of sexualized violence. || order book

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