southern california native

enneagram 3

former soccer player + coach

elder millennial 

married to heather davis

stops on the journey

traveling the globe kicking soccer balls, learning and playing soccer at the university of portland, professional soccer in chicago & boston; coaching with US Soccer, Portland, and TCU; being formed at vanderbilt divinity school, st. augustine's episcopal chapel, episcopal school of nashville, and monroe carell jr. children’s hospital at vanderbilt.

current hat

curator for emerging communities, episcopal diocese of el camino real 

the good stuff: 

gathering people, playing, theology, dialogue, facilitating experiences, learning, challenging social norms, kindness, life-cultivating-justice endeavors, nature, communion

art focus: 

curating of experiences, gathering, listening, story-sharing, community building

books on the bedside: 

living on the border of the holy, the art of gathering, en la lucha 

Hailing from Southern California, Kelsey Davis currently serves as Curator for Emerging Communities in the Episcopal Diocese of El Camino Real.  Before moving to CA, Kelsey completed her MDIV at Vanderbilt University with a Certificate of Religion in the Arts & Contemporary Culture, as she served as a Chaplain for Young Adults at St. Augustine’s Episcopal Chapel and as school chaplain at Episcopal School of Nashville. She did her undergraduate degree in Theology at the University of Portland and was a student-athlete on the soccer team as a goalkeeper.  In her previous life, Kelsey was a professional soccer player, collegiate soccer coach, and US National Team Coach.  And she still currently coaches youth soccer. 


Oklahoma City, OK, USA