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Seaon 3 features our new co-host the Rev. Sara Green


Sara is a Unitarian Universalist minister as well as the youth and young adult of color ministry associate for the UU Association. Sarah and Sara chat about Sara's path to ordination in the UU tradition and what exactly UU theology is all about and how her questions have shaped her life in pursuit of liberation, healing and covenantal relationships.

Yadenee is a playful and fierce scout for the oracles of ease, wholeness, and liberation. Her practice and ministry are to cultivate spiritual wellness and healing as a lifestyle. She is a Unitarian Universalist minister based in Tulsa, OK.


The Women’s Ordination Conference is the uncompromising feminist voice for women’s ordination and gender equity in the Roman Catholic Church since 1975. Kate McElwee is the Executive Director who works from Rome Itay and Katie Lacz is the Program Associate who works from Denver, Colorado.

Sarah explores what it means for mothers to image the Divine and how we can practically relate to God as Mother as we honor all mother figures today.

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The ladies of Theosophia discuss Nadia's latest life giving and liberating book on A Sexual Reformation.

Sara and Sarah discuss their experiences with ethical non-monogamy in hopes to de-mystify this relational practices.  They explore the theological, psychological and social dimensions of this practice in the world.

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Ann Ali is an Episcopal lay leader in Oklahoma City.  Ann is full of cultural and familial wisdom antidotes and speaks of a faith that moves mountains and restores weary souls to their Maker.  Ann is an agent of change and seeks to share the love of god to all those she meets especially those on the margins she works with in homeless outreach.

Sara explains how her family of five are caring for one another and being extra thoughtful about how they are spending their time in their small town Tennessee life.   We hope this episode gives some guidance and framework for thinking about how to create a healthy family dynamic by centering our lives in, on and through God’s Love.

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