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Theosophia is a podcast dedicated to promoting women's voices in theology and religion.

Theosophia literally means "god-wisdom" in Greek.  Sophia is the only female noun used for God in the Biblical text (Job, Proverbs, Book of Sirach, Wisdom of Solomon, Book of Baruch). Theologian Elizabeth Johnson proclaims that "the mystery of God in female symbol is the biblical figure of Wisdom. This is the most developed personification of God’s presence and activity in the Hebrew Scriptures” (EJ 87). 

Found mostly in the Wisdom texts, "Sophia" is “consistently female, casting her as sister, mother, female beloved, chef and hostess, preacher, judge, liberator, establisher of justice, and a myriad of other female roles wherein she symbolizes transcendent power ordering and delighting in the world.  She pervades the world, both nature and human beings, interacting with them all to lure them along the right path to life” (EJ 87).  "Sophia personifies divine reality—she is, in fact, an expression of the most intense divine presence in the world” (EJ 92).

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