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Pub Theology is about bringing a community together in a comfortable place and finding out what it means to be human.

Studying or talking about God (theology) in the public house (pub) is an ancient tradition.  From the days of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle to Jesus breaking bread and drinking wine with the disciples to sitting around the family table with those we love—eating, drinking and talking have been human practices of community for a very long time.  In the Christian Tradition, this ritual is called Church—the body of Christ gathering together to eat and drink in thanksgiving, remembrance, repentance, and celebration.  

What's unique about Pub Theology gatherings is that they are not within the confines of a church building but rather informal settings in local pubs, bars, or restaurants.  We meet the people where they are and share.  We share more than food and drink—we share our thoughts, fears, desires, and deep questions.  

As a trained theologian, Sarah helps communities engage in conversations in public spaces.  Tailored to fit a community's culture, she crafts questions and prompts to promote thought-provoking discussions.  

Email Sarah at to begin organizing Pub Theology for your organization.

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